RailsCamp Germany 2014

Abenteuerhallen Kalk, Cologne

My first RailsCamp

18 Aug 2014

English version

Last year was my first RailsCamp and it was an overwhelming feeling meeting the community. At first point I realized that the sessions where not as Rails specific as one could expect. I had the feeling of doing more fun-sport tracks and socializing with lot of people from different backgrounds.

This year I definitely won’t miss the climbing session because I’ll be giving the session. So hoping to meet you there.

lets climb

I also wasn’t at the freakiest session: the BMX riding with the broken teeth and bloody legs it caused. (will there be a session II ?) I don’t know if there will be the power-workout with 5km running experience at almost 100°F/38°C (which I joined) - but if, I promise it won’t be as hot as last year.

We had also an incredible BBQ event and as I heard this year there will be more vegetarian food!

where is the BBQ

Side note: Don’t forget your last year RFID tracking card. This year we will reopen the check-ins on different places. Perhaps someone will come up with some gamification idea? Here you see the checkin on the beverage lane:


Feel free to share your session ideas on the session-planning site.

If you want to get more impressions check out the Geekstammtisch & Nerdkunde Podcast recorded live at the event: podcasts


More than 32 Tracks and two hot days full of input almost 24/7 makes it hard to tell one single highlight - feel free to spread yours with the hashtag #rcg14!

And if you still don’t have a Ticket - here you can get one: get tickets

Big thanks to the photographers: some more pictures

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