RailsCamp Germany 2014

Abenteuerhallen Kalk, Cologne

We love our sponsors! (Part 2)

12 Sep 2014

We love our sponsors!

Part 2: Stand at ease, Lieutenant planio enters RailsCamp.

It’s absolutely important for RailsCamp to have some cool sponsors so we can provide a nice weekend with drinks, food, technical equipment, and a working internet connection.

Our four Lieutenant Sponsors do a good job and are great supporters for RailsCamp Germany. Therefore, we’d like to introduce them to you.

Stand at ease, Lieutenant Planio enters RailsCamp.
Planio is a collaboration and online project manangement software for more efficiency during your daily project business, and it takes care of less e-mail chaos. Combining functions for bug / ticket tracking, agile project management, wikis and knowledge management, and customer support, Planio delivers an extensive platform every developer and non-technician dreams of. You can adjust it flexibly for diverse operation purposes.

One more essential component are git and subversion repositories, hosted in Germany. These main features are perfectly integrated with rights management, ticket tracking, time recording, and other divisions of Planio.

Thanks to the fine granular role and rights concept you can rely on the promise that only those people who are allowed to do so can see and change data. Many Planio users involve their external partners and customers in the use of the collaboration platform, successfully. Thereby, they increase transparency and efficiency while executing their projects.

Believe it not, but Planio runs totally within the cloud! And not to forget: You can pay monthly via subscription. No effort for installation, no asset costs, no long contract durations. The Beatles sang: All you need is love. Planio celebrates: All you need is a web browser! ; )

Behind this pleasant service stands Planio GmbH from Berlin, Germany. Working since 2009. All server infrastructure is controlled in computer centers in Germany. Thus, data security within the cloud and compliance of demand according to German Data Protection Act are absolutely guaranteed.

Planio is based on the open-source Ruby on Rails project Redmine. Besides their code contributions and their commitment in the redmine community, the Planio folks are always happy to return something in line with conference sponsoring. Therefore, they are curious about being at RailsCamp Germany 2014. And we are also looking forward to having Planio at Abenteuerhallen Kalk. Great to have you on board, Lieutenant Planio!