RailsCamp Germany 2014

Abenteuerhallen Kalk, Cologne

***UPDATE*** RailsCamp sessions so far

16 Sep 2014

RailsCamp sessions so far
Get inspired, and find out what you would like to contribute!

RailsCamp is what you make it - so make it! Everyone’s contribution is the core of a barcamp. Whether you have a talk about an interesting tech issue, offer a session for Erlang beginners, or discuss the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor climbing.


Climbing? But that doesn’t have to do anything with coding, computers or technical stuff. Well, that’s right - but it doesn’t matter. Because a RailsCamp is everything (really everything!) what you like! So, feel free to do what ever you want to do at RailsCamp Germany. (Of course, we don’t have to tell you about our Code of Conduct, do we? ; ) Develop an idea, post it in our session tool, and enjoy a great time with friendly RailsCampers!

We have already collected some great sessions:

Felt Ruby

Get creative and sew a lovely felt Ruby (because we love Ruby!) and do some screen printing to get your awesome handmade RailsCamp shirt!

Need to move and get active? Join the session “Climbing for Beginners”.

For the little ones we have a CoderDojo: Learn to code your own homepage and have fun with robots!

And for the hungry ones: Get your (vegan) burger! It’s a special offer on Friday. Bunte Burger from Cologne will prepare some delicious hamburgers. Please make your reservation via the session tool!


Copyright: Bunte Burger

Are you missing a session? Then it’s your chance to offer it and be a speaker at RailsCamp Germany 2014. We love every kind of contribution, so ask yourself: What do I know quite well, what can I teach others, what would be nice to share with the RailsCampers?

So, what can you do?

  • Show us your coding skills,
  • show us how to do an Ollie with your skateboard,
  • have a talk about your favourite framework (besides Rails ; ) and give an introduction on how it works,
  • talk about your experiences with your Raspberry Pi or your Arduino,
  • have a discussion about the best coffee in town (and where to get it),
  • and so on : )

Still no clue what to offer? Or you are a Rails / Ruby / barcamp newbie and just curious what happens when the nerds meet? No problem! Come in, make yourself comfortable, listen to a talk, and maybe help at the reception. Or carry some chairs from one room to another. Or keep an eye on the sandwiches: Do we have enough? If not, fetch some from the fridge. And we need Mate! Lots of Mate! Please, take care, so that the Mate stream must not run dry! ; )
You see: Every kind of help is appreciated.

Okay, now your really interested, aren’t you? Have a look at our session tool and contribute!

You can also find some of the sessions on lanyrd.

And if you like to help organizing: Get informed via GitHub issues and join the orga team.